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#lang pollen
(define-meta title "typewriter habits")
(section-from-metas metas)
Ive claimed throughout this book that many bad typography habits have been left over from the typewriter era. Here, Ive collected them in one list. (Reminder these are things you should strong{not} do.)
Straight quotes rather than curly quotes (see xref{straight and curly quotes}).
Two spaces rather than xref{one space between sentences}.
Multiple hyphens instead of dashes (see xref{hyphens and dashes}).
Alphabetic approximations of xref{trademark and copyright symbols}.
xref{ellipses} made with three periods rather than an ellipsis character.
Non-curly xref{apostrophes}.
Pretending that xref{accented characters} don't exist.
Using more than one ◊xref{word space} at a time.
Using ◊xref{tabs and tab stops} instead of ◊xref{tables}.
Using ◊xref{carriage returns} to insert vertical space.
Using alphabetic characters as substitutes for real ◊xref{math symbols}.
Making ◊xref{rules and borders} out of repeated alphabetic characters.
Ignoring ◊xref{ligatures}.
◊xref{Underlining} anything.
Using ◊xref{monospaced fonts} rather than proportional fonts.
Abusing ◊xref{all caps}.
Thinking that the best ◊xref{point size} for body text is 12.
Ignoring ◊xref{kerning}.
Ignoring ◊xref{letterspacing}.
Too much ◊xref{centered text}.
Only using single or double ◊xref{line spacing}.
Only using the ◊xref{line length} permitted by one-inch ◊xref{page margins}.
I'm far from the first person to observe that many bad typographic habits have been passed down from typewriters. A bestselling title of the early Mac era was Robin Williams's book em{The Mac is Not a Typewriter}, which spawned a sequel, em{The PC is Not a Typewriter}. Still true.