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© 200819 Matthew Butterick

This is the source code for an earlier version of the Typography for Lawyers web-based book, which is an abbreviated version of the paperback.

The website is built with Pollen. Im sharing this code as a Pollen sample project. Because when Im trying to learn a new programming tool, I prefer to study real projects rather than synthetic examples.

To run this project, you need to first install Racket and Pollen.


Using Racket 6.0+, install from the command line:

raco pkg install pollen-tfl

And update like so:

raco pkg update --update-deps pollen-tfl


Scribble documentation is provided for the main pollen.rkt file. (Search for the pollen-tfl module in the Racket docs.)

Other source files contain comments.

You can also read the docs online, right now.

But this repo is not open source

This repo contains fonts licensed under the OFL (= Source Serif 4, Fira Sans, Fira Mono, and Cooper Hewitt).

Everything else in this repository belongs to me and not you.

I give you permission to use this repo to learn about Pollen, including running and modifying the files.

I also give you permission to reuse or adapt any of the Racket & Pollen source code, or JavaScript / CSS / HTML, for your own Racket & Pollen projects.

I do NOT give you permission to reuse any of the content of this web-based book (including text, images, and PDFs). Why not? Because thats the stuff I sell for money so that I can keep Pollen itself free. Lets not mess with a good thing.

If you have questions not covered here, please post them in the Pollen forum:

Project status

Complete. Maintained but no further updates planned.