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A work-in-progress document processor written in Racket.

Create PDFs from a simple text-based source format. Use any TTF or OTF or WOFF fonts you like.

Quad lets you avoid:

  • word processors
  • page-layout programs
  • web browsers
  • LaTeX and derivatives
  • subscriptions, surveillance, and “creative clouds”

Quad, by contrast —

  • is downloadable & self-contained
  • is open source
  • makes document layout fast & easy
  • uses source files that are portable between Mac OS, Windows, and Linux
  • works with Pollen


Using Racket 6.10+, install from the command line:

raco pkg install quad

And update like so:

raco pkg update --update-deps quad



Can be posted in the Quad forum.


Code: MIT

Fonts: mostly OFL, noted in each directory that contains fonts

Unicode Consortium documents: licensed under Unicode terms of use


Project status

Actively developed, though progress tends to go in bursts due to other commitments. Even when Im not committing code to Quad, I am thinking about it.