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#lang racket/base
(require racket/list
(provide whitespace? whitespace/nbsp?)
(define ((make-replacer query+replacement) str)
(for/fold ([str str])
([qr (in-list query+replacement)])
(match-define (list query replacement) qr)
(regexp-replace* query str replacement)))
(define+provide/contract (smart-dashes str)
(string? . -> . string?)
(define dashes
;; fix em dashes first, else they'll be mistaken for en dashes
;; \\s is whitespace + #\u00A0 is nonbreaking space
'((#px"[\\s#\u00A0]*(---|—)[\\s#\u00A0]*" "") ; em dash
(#px"[\\s#\u00A0]*(--|)[\\s#\u00A0]*" ""))) ; en dash
((make-replacer dashes) str))
(define+provide/contract (smart-ellipses str)
(string? . -> . string?)
(define triple-dot '((#px"\\.{3}" "")))
((make-replacer triple-dot) str))
(check-equal? (smart-dashes "I had --- maybe 13 -- 20 --- hob-nobs.") "I had—maybe 1320—hob-nobs.")
(define tricky-string "\"Why,\" she could've asked, \"are we in Oahu watching 'Mame'?\"")
(check-equal? (smart-quotes tricky-string)
"“Why,” she couldve asked, “are we in Oahu watching Mame?”")
(check-equal? (smart-quotes "\"what's in it for me?\",")
"“whats in it for me?”,")
(check-equal? (smart-quotes tricky-string
#:apostrophe "zing"
#:double-open "«" #:double-close "»"
#:single-open "" #:single-close "")
"«Why,» she couldzingve asked, «are we in Oahu watching Mame")
(check-equal? (smart-quotes "\"\'Impossible.\' Yes.\"") "Impossible. Yes.”")
(check-equal? (smart-quotes "(\"No.\")") "(“No.”)")
(check-equal? (smart-quotes '(div "don'" (em "t"))) '(div "don" (em "t")))
(check-equal? (smart-quotes '(div "do '" (em "not'"))) '(div "do " (em "not"))))
(define sentence-ender-exceptions (regexp-quote ",.:;?!])}"))
(define (at-beginning-pat str)
(pregexp (format "(?<!\\w)~a(?=\\S)" (regexp-quote str))))
(define (at-end-pat str)
(pregexp (format "(?<=\\S)~a(?!\\w)" (regexp-quote str))))
(define+provide/contract (smart-quotes x
#:apostrophe [apostrophe-str ""]
#:single-open [single-open-str ""]
#:single-close [single-close-str ""]
#:double-open [double-open-str ""]
#:double-close [double-close-str ""])
(((or/c string? txexpr?))
(#:apostrophe string?
#:single-open string?
#:single-close string?
#:double-open string?
#:double-close string?) . ->* . (or/c string? txexpr?))
(define quotes
(list #px"(?<=\\w)'(?=\\w)" apostrophe-str) ; apostrophe
(list (pregexp (format "(?<!\\w)'(?=[~a])" sentence-ender-exceptions)) single-close-str) ; sentence ender on outside exceptions
(list (at-beginning-pat "'") single-open-str) ; single_at_beginning
(list (at-end-pat "'") single-close-str) ; single_at_end
(list (pregexp (format "(?<!\\w)\"(?=[~a])" sentence-ender-exceptions)) double-close-str) ; sentence ender on outside exceptions
(list (at-beginning-pat "\"") double-open-str) ; double_at_beginning
(list (at-end-pat "\"") double-close-str))) ; double_at_end
(match x
[(? string?) ((make-replacer quotes) x)]
[(? txexpr?)
;; convert the quotes as if the txexpr were a flat string, to get proximity right
;; then replace the actual strings with substrings from this converted result
;; todo: handle entities & chars correctly, for now they are ignored
(define flat-str (string-append* (filter string? (flatten (remove-attrs x)))))
(define char-vec (for/vector #:length (string-length flat-str)
([c (in-string (smart-quotes flat-str))])
(define offset 0)
(let loop ([x x])
(match x
[(? txexpr?) (txexpr (get-tag x) (get-attrs x) (map loop (get-elements x)))]
[(? string?)
(define prev-offset offset)
(set! offset (+ prev-offset (string-length x)))
(for/list ([c (in-vector char-vec prev-offset offset)])
[_ x]))]
[_ x]))
; wrap initial quotes for hanging punctuation
; todo: improve this
; does not handle <p>“<em>thing</em> properly
(define+provide/contract (wrap-hanging-quotes nx
#:single-prepend [single-pp '(squo)]
#:double-prepend [double-pp '(dquo)])
((txexpr?) (#:single-prepend list? #:double-prepend list?) . ->* . txexpr?)
(define two-or-more-char-string? (λ (i) (and (string? i) (>= (string-length i) 2))))
(define-values (tag attr elements) (txexpr->values nx))
(make-txexpr tag attr
(match elements
[(cons elem other-elems)
(define new-car-elements
(match elem
[(? two-or-more-char-string? tcs)
(define str-first (get tcs 0))
(define str-rest (get tcs 1 (string-length tcs)))
[(str-first . in? . '("\"" ""))
;; can wrap with any inline tag
;; so that linebreak detection etc still works
`(,@double-pp ,(->string #\“) ,str-rest)]
[(str-first . in? . '("\'" ""))
`(,@single-pp ,(->string #\) ,str-rest)]
[else tcs])]
[(? txexpr? nx) (wrap-hanging-quotes nx)]
[_ elem]))
(cons new-car-elements other-elems)]
[_ elements])))
(check-equal? (wrap-hanging-quotes '(p "\"Hi\" there")) '(p (dquo "" "Hi\" there")))
(check-equal? (wrap-hanging-quotes '(p "'Hi' there")) '(p (squo "" "Hi' there")))
(check-equal? (wrap-hanging-quotes '(p "'Hi' there") #:single-prepend '(foo ((bar "ino"))))
'(p (foo ((bar "ino")) "" "Hi' there")))
;; make sure txexpr without elements passes through unscathed
(check-equal? (wrap-hanging-quotes '(div ((style "height:2em")))) '(div ((style "height:2em")))))
;; insert nbsp between last two words
(define+provide/contract (nonbreaking-last-space x #:nbsp [nbsp (->string #\u00A0)]
#:minimum-word-length [minimum-word-length 6]
#:last-word-proc [last-word-proc (λ (x) x)])
((txexpr?) (#:nbsp string? #:minimum-word-length integer? #:last-word-proc procedure?) . ->* . txexpr?)
;; todo: parameterize this, as it will be different for each project
(define tags-to-pay-attention-to '(p aside)) ; only apply to paragraphs
(define (replace-last-space str)
[(#\space . in? . str)
(define reversed-str-list (reverse (string->list str)))
(define reversed-nbsp (reverse (string->list (->string nbsp))))
(define-values (last-word-chars other-chars)
(splitf-at reversed-str-list (λ (i) (not (eq? i #\space)))))
(define front-chars
[(< (len last-word-chars) minimum-word-length) ; OK for long words to be on their own line
; first char of other-chars will be the space, so use cdr
(string-append (list->string (reverse (cdr other-chars))) (->string nbsp))]
[else (list->string (reverse other-chars))]))
(define last-word (list->string (reverse last-word-chars)))
`(,front-chars ,(last-word-proc last-word))] ; don't concatenate last word bc last-word-proc might be a txexpr wrapper
[else (list str)]))
(define (find-last-word-space x) ; recursively traverse xexpr
(match x
[(? string?) (replace-last-space x)] ; todo: this assumes a paragraph only has one string in it.
[(? txexpr?)
(define-values (tag attr elements) (txexpr->values x))
(match elements
[(list all-but-last ... last-item) ; elements is list of xexprs
(define result-items (match (find-last-word-space last-item)
[(? txexpr? tx) (list tx)]
[other other])) ; might be txexpr, or list of new elements
(make-txexpr tag attr `(,@all-but-last ,@result-items))]
[_ x])]
[_ x]))
(if ((car x) . in? . tags-to-pay-attention-to)
(find-last-word-space x)
;; todo: make some tougher tests, it gets flaky with edge cases
(check-equal? (nonbreaking-last-space '(p "Hi there")) '(p "Hi " "there")) ; nbsp in between last two words
(check-equal? (nonbreaking-last-space '(p "Hi there") #:nbsp "Ø") '(p "HiØ" "there")) ; but let's make it visible
(check-equal? (nonbreaking-last-space '(p "Hi there") #:nbsp "_up_") '(p "Hi_up_" "there"))
(check-equal? (nonbreaking-last-space '(p "Hi there") #:nbsp "_up_" #:minimum-word-length 3)
'(p "Hi " "there"))
(check-equal? (nonbreaking-last-space '(p "Hi here" (em "ho there")) #:nbsp "Ø") '(p "Hi here" (em "hoØ" "there"))))