Questions & discussions pertaining to the Pollen publishing system
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This is the official discussion area / mailing-list substitute for Pollen, a book-publishing system written in Racket.

Questions, suggestions, announcements welcome. Your host: Matthew Butterick.

This supersedes the pollenpub Google Group that was used from June 2015 August 2019.

To read

No login necessary. All activity happens under the Issues tab.

To post

You need a GitHub account (free; email address needed). Then post a new issue.

What kinds of topics can be posted here?

Anything pertaining to using Pollen — questions, suggestions, feature requests, etc. (Dont feel constrained by the fact that they are all known as “Issues”.)

After I post a question, when should I use the “close issue” button?

If you got a satisfactory answer, sure — hit the “close issue” button, and then others will know that no further reply is needed. BTW closing an issue doesnt delete it or prevent further discussion post-closure. The issue can also be reopened if you change your mind.

Can I search issues?

Yes. Use the search box in the top nav bar, which will search this repository (including all the Issues).

To receive email notification of responses

If you start a new issue or post a response, youll automatically get email notification of subsequent messages posted to that thread.

To receive email notification of new issues as they are created

That is, in the classic mailing-list style. At the top of the screen, use the “Watch” button to change your status to “Watching”.

Does this replace the Pollen source repository?

No. That remains at

Should I post Pollen bugs here or there?

Probably over there, though Im not going to be finicky about it.

Why not consolidate all the issues over there?

I prefer to restrict the issues in the Pollen source repository to coding-related tasks.