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(define-meta title "sample documents")
(chapter-from-metas metas)
margin-note{A precursor to the modern nastygram. Published in Boston, 1853.}
image[#:border #f "hallett-letter.jpg"]
Now its time to put everything together. Like good writing, good typography isnt determined by elements in isolation but by the relationships of those elements and the effect of the whole.
So far weve looked at typographic rules individually. In this chapter, well apply these rules to some common legal documents. Your goal is to get better at seeing typographic flaws in layouts and fixing them.
Each sample document is shown as a before- and-after demonstration: before represents a typical layout with the usual bad habits; after represents a layout upgraded with the lessons of this book.
The samples in this chapter were created with Microsoft Word no special trickery was used. (The names and situations in the sample documents are, of course, fictional.)