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#lang pollen
(define-meta title "line spacing")
hanging-topic[(topic-from-metas metas)]{120145% of the point size}
em{Line spacing} is the vertical distance between lines of text. Most lawyers use either double-spaced lines or single-spaced lines nothing in between.
These are obsolete xref{typewriter habits}. Originally, a typewriters platen could only move the paper vertically in units of a single line. Therefore, line-spacing choices were limited to one, two, or more lines at a time. Double-spacing became the default because single-spaced typewritten text is dense and hard to read. But double-spacing is still looser than optimal.
Most courts adopted their line-spacing standards in the typewriter era. Thats why court rules usually call for double-spaced lines. On a typewriter, each line is the height of the font, thus double spacing means twice the font size. So if youre required to use a 12-point font, double line spacing means 24 points.
Curiously, the so-called double line-spacing option in your word processor doesnt produce true double line spacing. Microsoft Words double spacing, for instance, is about 15% looser, and it varies depending on the font. To get accurate spacing, you should always set it yourself, exactly.