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OpenEdge ABL

<!DOCTYPE html>
(define parent-page (parent here))
(define previous-page (previous here))
(define next-page (next here))
(define here-title (or (select-from-metas 'title here) (symbol->string here)))
◊(define toolbar?
(not (select-from-metas 'redirect-to metas))
(not (select-from-metas 'toolbar-blank metas))))
◊(define bumper?
(not (select-from-metas 'redirect-to metas))
(not (select-from-metas 'bumper-blank metas))))
(define (make-side-nav id url text)
div[#:class "nav-outer" #:id id]{(link (or url "") div[#:class "nav-inner"]{div[#:class "nav-flex" text]})})
(define center-cell-width 14)
(define side-cell-width (/ (- 100 (+ 10 (* center-cell-width 2))) 2))
(local-require pollen/tag)
; the name `link` is already defined as a function that makes hyperlinks,
; so we use `make-default-tag-function` to make a literal `link` tag
(define literal-link (make-default-tag-function 'link))
(define (capitalize-first-letter str) (regexp-replace #rx"^." str string-upcase))
(define (make-subnav children)
(apply ul #:class "subnav"
(for/list ([child (in-list children)])
(li (xref (select-from-metas 'title child))))))