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#lang pollen/mode racket/base
(require "scribblings/pollen-rkt.scrbl" pollen/tag)
(provide (all-from-out "scribblings/pollen-rkt.scrbl"))
(module setup racket/base
(provide (all-defined-out)) ;; <- don't forget this line in your config submodule!
7 years ago
(require pollen/setup racket/path)
5 years ago
(define (omitted-path? p) (path-has-extension? p #".sh")))
(provide ie-payment-warning)
(define (ie-payment-warning)
(define div (default-tag-function 'div))
(define p (default-tag-function 'p))
(define strong (default-tag-function 'strong))
◊div[#:class "ie reader-note"]{◊p{Because of security considerations, my payment links ◊strong{do not support Internet Explorer 11 or earlier}. Please use a different browser.}})