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#lang pollen
(define-meta title "letterspacing")
hanging-topic[(topic-from-metas metas)]{Use 512% extra space with caps, but not with lowercase}
em{Letterspacing} (also known as em{character spacing} or em{tracking}) is the adjustment of the horizontal white space between the letters in a block of text. Unlike xref{kerning}, which affects only designated pairs of letters, letterspacing affects every pair.
indented{image[#:border #f "letterspacing-example.svg"]}
Lowercase letters dont ordinarily need letterspacing.
Capital letters usually appear at the beginning of a word or sentence, so theyre designed to fit correctly next to lowercase letters. But when you use capital letters together, that spacing is too tight. Thats why you should add 512% extra letterspacing to text in xref{all caps} or xref{small caps}. This is particularly important at small sizes (e.g., the footer of a court filing).