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h1{Revised 2nd edition
available now}
bullet-list{New topics include xref{emails}, xref{footnotes}, xref{alternate figures}, and xref{OpenType features}.
New xref{sample documents} include xref{presentations}, xref{contracts}, xref{grids of numbers}, and xref{court opinions}.
7 years ago
Technical tips have been updated to cover the newest versions of Word and WordPerfect on Windows, and Word on Mac OS
New essays on font copyrights, screen-reading considerations, and typographic disputes in the courts
Refreshed layout, featuring four font families  xref{Equity}, xref{Concourse}, xref{Triplicate}, and xref{Advocate} designed by Matthew Butterick
home-link["toc.html"]{read excerpts}
home-link[buy-url]{get the book}