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#lang pollen
(define-meta title "hard line breaks")
hanging-topic[(topic-from-metas metas)]{Exactly one at a time}
The em{hard line break} moves the next word to the beginning of a new line without starting a new paragraph.
A hard line break can help control text flow when a carriage return wont work. For instance, this heading breaks awkwardly:
indented{strong{IV.   The defendant is entitled to judgment as a matter of
Suppose you want the line to break after em{judgment}. That way, the first line will end in a more logical place and the two lines will be balanced. If you use a xref{carriage return}, youll get:
captioned["wrong"]{strong{IV.   The defendant is entitled to judgment
V.   as a matter of law.}}
Not what you hoped. Instead, put a hard line break after em{judgment}:
captioned["right"]{strong{IV.   The defendant is entitled to
judgment as a matter of law.}}
Hard line breaks are also useful for separating the lines of an address (for instance, on xref{letterhead} or a xref{caption page}). See xref{centered text} for another example of the hard line break in use.