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title-block{topic{Calibri alternatives}
short-rule{Don't settle for a default Microsoft font}}
FF Unit
Fira Sans
Calibri does its job better than Cambria, though its still better on screen than in print. The rounded corners of the letters make text printed in Calibri seem soft. For a clean, slightly narrow sans serif font, you have better options. xref{Concourse}, of course. xref{FF Unit} is the "grown-up sister" of one of the world's most popular sans serif fonts, FF Meta, and the work of ◊xref{foreword} author Erik Spiekermann. Erik also designed ◊xref{Fira Sans}, also a descendant of FF Meta. Though it has fewer styles than FF Unit, you can't argue with the price: it's free. xref{Whitney} takes inspiration from the famous 1908 face News Gothic, which Calibri resembles.