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Palatino Nova
Iowan Old Style
Bembo Book
Palatino is the work of designer Hermann Zapf, who is a calligrapher by training. Many of his fonts reflect this influence. But the Palatino xref{system font} is a harsh representation of Zapfs original design. xref{Palatino Nova} is Zapfs own reworking of Palatino that restores its original fluid subtlety. xref{Bembo Book} is a revision of the famous 1929 Monotype face, which was itself based on Italian Renaissance typography. Despite the name, so was xref{Iowan Old Style}, but its a looser interpretation of that model. The lovely xref{Verdigris} also draws on these influences.
These alternatives apply equally to Book Antiqua, which was created as a Palatino clone for Microsoft Windows. Book Antiqua has caused its share of controversy over the years  Zapf himself considered it an unethical pillaging of his work. But in recent times, the alleged pillager (Monotype) acquired the alleged pillagee (Linotype), extinguishing the beef.