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(define-meta title "about the author")
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margin-note{image[#:border #f "mb-hedcut.jpg"]}
os{Matthew Butterick} I got my degree in design and typography at Harvard University. I began my career as a font designer in Boston. At the beginning of the Internet era, I started Atomic Vision, a website-design company in San Francisco. Later, I attended UCLA law school and became a member of the California bar. In 2012, I received the Legal Writing Institutes Golden Pen Award for em{Typography for Lawyers}.
My other projects include Practical Typography, an online book (link{}), the fonts xref{Equity}, xref{Concourse}, xref{Triplicate}, and xref{Advocate}, and Pollen, software for publishing electronic books (link{}).
I live in Los Angeles with my wife Jessica and Roxy the boxer.
You can reach me at link[""]{}. I welcome comments and corrections. I do not, however, dispense individualized critiques or recommendations. Nor do I have Word templates to give away. After all, the point of the book is for you to learn how to do these things yourself.
8 years ago
em{Typography for Lawyers} is © 200817 Matthew Butterick. All rights reserved.
subhead{Image credits}
Butterfly ballot and redesigned ballot in xref{Why typography matters}: © 2003 William Lidwell, Kritina Holden, and Jill Butler, from their book book{Universal Principles of Design} (see xref{bibliography}). Used with permission.
Highway sign in xref{What is typography}: © / Double_Vision. Used under license. Modified by Matthew Butterick.
Manual typewriter in xref{Type composition}: © / slobo. Used under license.
Computer keyboard in xref{Type composition}: © / Amorphis. Used under license. Modified by Matthew Butterick.
Metal type in xref{Hyphens and dashes}: Public-domain image. Available from link[""]{Wikimedia Commons.}
Caslon type specimen in xref{text formatting}: Public-domain image. Available from link[""]{Wikimedia Commons.}
Page from the Kelmscott Chaucer in xref{page layout}: Public-domain image. Scanned by Liam Quin (available at link[""]{}).
Letter from B. F. Hallett in xref{sample documents}: Public-domain image. Available from the Library of Congress American Memory collection (available from link[""]{}).
Author illustration: © 2006 link[""]{Noli Novak.} Used under license.