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#lang pollen
(define-meta title "white-space characters")
hanging-topic[(topic-from-metas metas)]{For control and predictability}
Youre now familiar with the essential alphabetic, numeric, and symbol characters. We turn to the frequently overlooked em{white-space characters} the keyboard characters that put blank space between point A and point B.
There are six important white-space characters: the xref{word space}, the xref{nonbreaking space}, the link["tabs-and-tab-stops.html"]{tab}, the xref{hard line break}, the xref{carriage return}, and the xref{hard page break}.
But if all white space looks the same when printed, why should I care? Two reasons: em{control} and em{predictability}.
em{Control} means you get the intended result with the minimum keystrokes. Suppose you need a paragraph to start at the top of the next page. What do you do? If you use a hard page break rather than a sequence of carriage returns, you get the job done with one keystroke.
em{Predictability} means that as you edit and reformat, youll always get the same result. If you approximate a hard page break with carriage returns, at some point in your editing, your text will reflow and youll have a large, unexpected gap where you intended a page break. Then youll have a new problem to diagnose and fix. But a hard page break will always do the right thing.
The time you invest in learning how to use white-space characters will be paid back in layouts that snap together faster and require less fiddling.