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title-block{topic{Verdana alternatives}
short-rule{Don't use a screen font for print}}
Alright Sans
Verdana was designed for the computer displays of the 1990s, so its great for the websites of the 1990s. For everything else, not so great. xref{Concourse}, xref{Alright Sans}, xref{Amplitude}, and xref{Colfax} are sans serif fonts that work well in print and on today's screens. Alright is called a em{humanist} sans serif because it relies on the proportions of traditional serif fonts. Amplitude draws from the spirit of em{agates}, newspaper fonts designed to be readable at very small sizes (so it works especially well on xref{business cards}). Colfax is called a em{geometric} sans serif because its built on basic mathematical shapes. Concourse is a blend of geometric and humanist.