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title-block{topic{Courier alternatives}
short-rule{When you must use a monospaced font}}
Source Code Pro
Im in an awkward position. As your typography advisor, Ive counseled you not to use xref{monospaced fonts}.
But the truth is I really like them. The golden age of monospaced fonts was probably the 1950s, when IBM led the typewriter industry and released a series of great monospaced designs. One of these was Courier, designed by Howard Kettler. But the xref{system font} Courier New is a beastly imitation of the original: spindly, lumpy, and just plain ugly.
So I designed xref{Triplicate}, a monospaced font family influenced by several typewriter fonts of the 50s, and optimized for xref{body text}. Triplicate has a feature thats very rare among monospaced fonts: a genuine italic, instead of a sloped roman like Courier.
xref{Pitch}, xref{Source Code Pro}, and xref{Nitti} are other recent designs that show there's still room for exploration in monospaced fonts. Source Code Pro is even free.