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#lang pollen
(define-meta title "contracts")
hanging-topic[(topic-from-metas metas)]{Use more white space; consider columns}
Whether its a settlement agreement in PDF, a commercial lease on paper, or a terms-of-service agreement on a website, contracts are a diverse class of documents. Therefore, my typographic advice is more a principle than a prescription.
Lets move past the self-serving myth that typography in contracts doesnt matter because people em{must} read them. Wrong. As I said in xref{why does typography matter}, readers are always looking for the exit. So the most we can say is that people are em{supposed} to read contracts. As writers, we can encourage them. But can we force them? No way.
In fact, it would be wiser for drafters to assume that strong{most contracts go unread}. Why? Because no one wants to read a contract. And most contracts are poorly designed. Therefore, it doesnt matter that people must read them. At best, theyre reading opportunistically. At worst, not at all.
For instance, the other day, a certain music service made me promise that I had read their 20,551-word contract 3,276 in xref{all caps} before I could buy a $1.29 song. What do you think I actually did? Right. What would you do? The same thing. And everyone else? Theyre no different.