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#lang br
(require racket/file rackunit)
(define depths
(for*/hasheqv ([(line lidx) (in-indexed (file->lines "09.rktd"))]
[(depth cidx) (in-indexed line)])
(values (make-rectangular cidx lidx) (string->number (string depth)))))
(define (neighbors loc)
(for*/list ([delta '(1 -1)]
[ifactor '(1 +i)])
(+ loc (* delta ifactor))))
(define (low? loc)
(< (hash-ref depths loc)
(apply min (filter-map (λ (li) (hash-ref depths li #f)) (neighbors loc)))))
(define low-locs (for/list ([(loc depth) (in-hash depths)]
#:when (low? loc))
(check-equal? (apply + (map (λ (lp) (add1 (hash-ref depths lp))) low-locs)) 539)
(define (higher-adjacent loc)
(for/list ([neighbor (neighbors loc)]
#:when (and
(hash-has-key? depths neighbor)
(not (= (hash-ref depths neighbor) 9))
(< (hash-ref depths loc) (hash-ref depths neighbor))))
(define (basin-at loc)
(remove-duplicates (cons loc (append-map basin-at (higher-adjacent loc)))))
(define basin-sizes (map length (map basin-at low-locs)))
(check-equal? (apply * (take (sort basin-sizes >) 3)) 736920)