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#lang br
(require racket/file rackunit)
(define lines (map string->list (file->lines "03.rktd")))
(define (digit-columns lines) (apply map list lines))
(define (most-common-digit chars)
(define zeroes (count (λ (c) (char=? c #\0)) chars))
(define most-threshold (/ (length chars) 2))
[(= zeroes most-threshold) #f]
[(> zeroes most-threshold) #\0]
[else #\1]))
(define (least-common-digit chars)
(match (most-common-digit chars)
[#false #false]
[#\0 #\1]
[_ #\0]))
(define (chars->binary-number chars)
(string->number (list->string chars) 2))
(define gamma-rate (chars->binary-number (map most-common-digit (digit-columns lines))))
(define epsilon-rate (chars->binary-number (map least-common-digit (digit-columns lines))))
(check-equal? (* gamma-rate epsilon-rate) 4174964)
(define (find-digit proc default)
(for/fold ([lines lines]
#:result (chars->binary-number (car lines)))
([i (in-range (length (car lines)))]
#:break (= (length lines) 1))
(define target (or (proc (list-ref (digit-columns lines) i)) default))
(filter (λ (line) (char=? (list-ref line i) target)) lines)))
(define oxygen-rate (find-digit most-common-digit #\1))
(define co2-rate (find-digit least-common-digit #\0))
(check-equal? (* oxygen-rate co2-rate) 4474944)