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#lang br/quicklang
(require "../helper.rkt")
(provide read-syntax (rename-out [#%mb #%module-begin]) ★★)
(define (read-syntax path port)
(define lines (port->lines port))
(strip-context #`(module mod "main.rkt"
#,@(for/list ([datum (in-port read (open-input-string (car lines)))])
#,@(map (λ (ln) (apply cons (map string->number (string-split ln "/")))) (cdr lines)))))
(define-macro (#%mb STARS DOMS ...)
(time (STARS '(DOMS ...)))))
(define (find-dominoes-with-val dominoes val)
(filter (λ (d) (or (= (car d) val) (= (cdr d) val))) dominoes))
(define (other-val-on-domino dom val)
((if (= (car dom) val) cdr car) dom))
(define (remove-dom doms dom)
(filter-not (λ (d) (equal? d dom)) doms))
(define (bridges dominoes [current-val 0] [current-bridge null])
(define doms (find-dominoes-with-val dominoes current-val))
(if (null? doms)
(list (flatten current-bridge))
(append-map (λ (dom) (bridges (remove-dom dominoes dom)
(other-val-on-domino dom current-val)
(cons dom current-bridge))) doms)))
(define (strongest bridges)
(apply max (map (λ (br) (apply + br)) bridges)))
(define ( dominoes)
(strongest (bridges dominoes)))
(define (★★ dominoes)
(define brs (bridges dominoes))
(define maxlen (apply max (map length brs)))
(strongest (filter (λ (b) (= maxlen (length b))) brs)))