Matthew Butterick 5 years ago
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commit 2986bb3110

@ -6,7 +6,6 @@
(time (STARS (vector (λ () TOKS) ...)))))
(define regs (make-hasheq))
(struct offset-signal (val))
(provide set mul sub jnz)
(define-macro (value VAL) #'(let ([val 'VAL]) (if (number? val) val (hash-ref! regs val 0))))
@ -14,14 +13,18 @@
(define-macro (sub REG VAL) #'(hash-update! regs 'REG (λ (val) (- val (value VAL))) 0))
(define-macro (mul REG VAL) #'(begin (hash-update! regs 'mul-count add1 0)
(hash-update! regs 'REG (λ (val) (* val (value VAL))) 0)))
(define-macro (jnz REG VAL) #'(when (not (zero? (value REG))) (raise (offset-signal (value VAL)))))
(define-macro (jnz REG VAL) #'(when (not (zero? (value REG))) (raise (value VAL))))
(define ( insts)
(define ( insts [final-key 'mul-count])
(for/fold ([offset 0]
#:result (hash-ref regs 'mul-count))
#:result (hash-ref regs final-key))
([i (in-naturals)]
#:break (not (<= 0 offset (sub1 (vector-length insts)))))
(with-handlers ([offset-signal? (λ (os) (+ (offset-signal-val os) offset))])
(define proc (vector-ref insts offset))
(add1 offset))))
(with-handlers ([integer? (λ (num) (+ num offset))])
(define inst (vector-ref insts offset))
(add1 offset))))
(define (★★ insts)
(hash-set! regs 'a 1)
( insts 'h))

@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
#lang reader "main.rkt" ★★ ; to be fair, this question had nothing to do with Racket
set h 911